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 Started shipping of ONP(Old News Paper) to PT. ASPEX  KUMBONG company in Indonesia.
  Since 1995, we have been successfully  supplying OCC(Old Corrugated Container) and ONP(Old News Paper) to Indonesia, Phillippines, Thailand, Singapore, as well as to China, up to 5,000 tons per each grade and month. 
  Coalition works with 8 affiliated local packing plants makes it possible to increase our supplying capacity up to 20,000 tons (OCC 10,000 tons, ONP 10,000 tons) per month. 
  In 2004, we specialy started to export Plastic Scraps to China, Thailand, Hongkong and waste Wall Papers to China Tissue Paper mill.
  Should you have any question or inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  We promise to provide you our best service.     

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